About Mauritius

Climate & Weather

Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year. The country has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from May to October. The average temperature in summer typically ranges from 20 C to 32 C and in winter from 15 C to 23 C.
The ALC Graduation festivities will happen in the month of June; during the winter season. We recommend that you pack warm clothing in case the weather gets chilly. Additional attire considerations should be made for the following:
  • Tuesday, June 11th: Business casual attire for the Leadership symposium and Parents’ graduation.
  • Wednesday June 12th: Formal or Glamorous attire for the Graduation ceremony.
Both events are during day time.


Mauritius is home to a rich, diverse community that influences every aspect of the island’s daily life. The island’s unique culture comes from it’s history rooted in African, Asian and European origins.
With multiple religions present, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim festivals are celebrated all year round by the different communities.  Furthermore, the cuisine is a delicious mix of Indian, traditional western, and creole that combine flavours from the all over the world.
Mauritian folklore is another living tribute to the variety of the islanders' culture. This is illustrated by the many different sounds and rhythms; there are beautiful sophisticated Indian dances, spectacular Chinese lion and dragon dances to the frantic rhythm of the Sega, the Mauritian national dance.


Mauritians speak English, French, Hindi and Mauritian Creole. You can easily get by with only English.


Power Outlets
In Mauritius, we use both British square 3 pin plugs and European 2 round pin plugs. You will find both of these sockets available in most houses in Mauritius. It is recommended that you bring travel plug adapter to support British socket types.
The South African round 3 pin sockets are not available.
There are a lot of mosquitos in Mauritius, and repellant tends to be of limited variety. If you prefer the more eco-friendly / natural varieties, we recommend bringing them along with you. The mosquitos in Mauritius do not carry malaria.


There is no tipping culture in Mauritius, and you are not expected to tip in restaurants or taxis, unless it is a very touristy place.

Shopping Malls

Across Mauritius, there are shopping malls which have numerous shops, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment areas. The closest mall to ALC is the Riche Terre Mall.  

In the North of Mauritius, you have the Super U shopping complex and La Croisette Mall. In the centre of the island, about a 30 minute drive from the ALC campus, there is Bagatelle Mall, which is the largest mall in Mauritius, with more variety.

Things to do in Mauritius

While you’re in Mauritius, we hope you will have the time to enjoy the island. Here’s a list of things to do during your spare time:
Trou aux Biches Beach: Beautiful and Peaceful Northern Beach
Trou aux Biches is located on the North West coast and marks the beginning of the touristic Northern area. Compared with other cities like Grand Baie and Pereybère, it prefers local residences to luxury resorts. Its beach is less busy and is very popular among locals.
Grand Baie Beach: Meeting spot for Fishermen and Tourists
Although the Grand Baie's name may be misleading, the bay isn't remotely the prettiest in Mauritius. However, its central location in the Northern touristic city makes it a great place to walk by, enjoy the view and meet fishermen back from their sail.  It is also populated by bars and restaurants.
Rum Tasting in the North of Mauritius
Rum Tasting in the North. Go on a rum tasting adventure in the north of Mauritius at the Liquor Tasting Lounge. You will have the opportunity of choosing between 3 tastings.
Mauritius Aquarium
The aquarium, located in a small relaxing village in the North West of Mauritius, is home to a large number of species including over 200 species of fish.
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, commonly known as the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, is a popular tourist attraction in Pamplemousses, near Port Louis, Mauritius, and the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere.