Ideal Travel Dates

Between Saturday June 8th - Sunday June 9th 2019 are the ideal travel dates for this ceremony, as this would allow you to explore the wonderful island of Mauritius and get immersed in the culture or kick your feet back and relax in preparation for the exciting days to come.

Required Travel Documentation

Visa Requirements

Mauritius does not require you to apply for a visa before travelling, however make sure you carry the following documents with you to guarantee entry through customs:

  • Return ticket (within 3 months)

  • Proof of accommodation - you should get it from the entity you are booking your accommodation with.

  • Yellow fever card -  this is needed from the residents of certain countries

You will need a physical address with a telephone contact number from the accommodation you choose.

If you are unsure of your visa status, please visit The Passport and immigration office website for more detailed instructions.

Mauritian Passport Control Entry Requirements 
In order to enter Mauritius the following documents are required:
  • 2 entry forms ( 1 custom form and 1 disease control form) - supplied on the plane or at the Queue

  • Mauritian address (hotel or house invite)

  • Mauritian contact details - Provide one of the taxi numbers share on this site

  • Return ticket

  • A passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining

  • Two blank pages in passport for entry stamps.

After passport control, you will pass through the Health Authority with the disease control form if you are coming from certain countries, where malaria is present for example, you may be called after arrival. This is a follow up to check on your wellbeing, and it is important to reply honestly and respond to the call. As you are now on an island, infectious disease control is essential.

Health & Travel Insurance

Please ensure that you arrange adequate Health and Travel insurance to cover the entirety of your stay in Mauritius.