About Switch

The SWITCH conference is organized by a diverse team of students from the African Leadership University and some awesome hoomans in Mauritius from an international background to create a world-class experience for those who are passionate about technology and being change-makers using technology.

Who Should Attend?

Our vision is to bring together women in STEM, tech enthusiasts, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and students to engage in a series of talks, workshops and brainstorming sessions. This way, we can spur learning, foster inspiration and provoke action towards overcoming challenges facing the African continent through realizing opportunities for women in tech.
SWITCH is a 2-day conference designed to inspire women’s participation in technology by connecting them to a global panel of technology experts, entrepreneurs and trailblazers who they can role model and learn from. The event is free of charge and open to everyone, from high school goers, university students, private and public sector professionals.

Our Sponsors

Venue of the Conference: Jin Fei Conference Centre, Mauritius