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Business of Conservation Conference.

Business of conservation conference

The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) aims to catalyze economic development in Africa by bringing together influential leaders to collaborate in tangible ways around one of Africa’s competitive advantages - its unique biodiversity.

The 2019 BCC edition was themed "Environmental Investing- From Scarcity to Abundance", where we asked:

  • What would it take to make conservation a ‘growth’ industry in Africa?
  • What conditions would enable us to move our wildlife and habitat from scarcity to abundance?
  • How could nature be one of the key drivers of Africa’s development trajectory--instead of a casualty of development?
  • How can conservation attract a greater percentage of African and Global environmental investments? 


Join us for the third edition of the Business of Conservation Conference. Dates to be announced.

Africa's unique biodiversity is one of its competitive advantages. Coupled with the right mindset, innovative ideas and sustainable models, it has the potential to become a pillar of Africa's economic development. 

The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) is an invitation-only inspiring, powerful convening of top leaders from all sectors committed to reframing conservation as a growth sector by attracting top talent, applying financially sustainable models and creating enabling sociopolitical environments for increased investment in the sector.  BCC is about cross-sectoral collaboration in tangible ways to boost Africa’s biodiversity as a pillar for sustainable economic development.


Who should attend

CEOs & Business leaders

Policy makers, and regulators

Leading Conservationists

Innovative Technologists

Media influencers







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