ALN 2017

Date: November 1-3
Venue: Sofitel Hotel
Country: Mauritius
Theme: Impossible
The theme for 2013 was “Impossible” and it explored the mindsets, skill sets, and networks leaders need to embrace as they embark on the seemingly impossible journey of making this century the ‘African Century’.

ALN 2016

Date: November 2-4
Venue: Westin Turtle Bay Resort and Spa
Country: Mauritius
Theme:  The Art of Leading
Why art? Why not the skill or competency of leading? Or the science of leading? The artist brings a perspective that invites new ways of viewing the world, disrupting or challenging our most comfortable and familiar modes of interacting with our usual environment and ourselves. 

ALN 2015

Date: November 3-7
Venue:  Pullman Hotel
Country:  Morocco
Theme: Boundaries: Define - Defend - Defy :  Exploring the Boundaries of Possibilities in Africa
At a time in which the global migrant crisis was capturing headlines, engaging with boundaries was a particularly topical issue for ALN 2015. 

ALN 2014

Date: November 5-8
Venue: Serena Hotel
Country:  Rwanda
Theme: Powering Prosperity: Leadership Lessons from Rwanda
Rwanda is widely known as one of the most dynamic and efficient economies in Africa. Yet just 20 years ago, Rwanda found itself at arguably the lowest point in its history. 

ALN 2013

Date: October 2-5
Venue:  One & Only Le Saint Géran
Country: Mauritius
Theme: Rewriting the story of Africa
Attendees explored the changing dynamics of the African continent and the role they can play in re-writing the story of Africa. They left with a deeper perspective of the changes taking place on the continent, a clearer sense of the opportunities unfolding, and stronger relationships with key decision-makers and influential leaders from over 35 African countries.

ALN 2012

Date: October 10-13
Venue: MovenPick Ambassador Hotel
Country: Ghana
Theme:  Powering Africa's Prosperity continued
300 of the most dynamic ‘new generation’ leaders in Africa assembled for three days of stimulating discussions about innovative ways to create prosperity for Africa. A highlight in 2012 was the launch of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship, where 12 of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs were honored and celebrated for their achievements.

ALN 2011

Date: October 26-29
Venue:  Addis Ababa Sheraton
Country: Ethiopia
Theme:  Powering Africa’s Prosperity continued
The most dynamic ‘new generation’ leaders from across Africa assembled for four days of stimulating discussions and innovative ideas on how to create prosperity in Africa. Attendees had matchless networking  opportunities which allowed them to forge new partnerships and ultimately further ALN’s mission to drive prosperity for Africa.

ALN 2010

Date: November 3-6
Venue:  Addis Ababa Sheraton
Country: Ethiopia
Theme: Powering Africa’s Prosperity
Our inaugural annual gathering unveiled the ALN’s mission of powering Africa’s prosperity. In keeping with this mission, attendees had the opportunity to engage with high calibre speakers on the opportunities that could be explored on the continent and the potential role they could play.