Side Events

Leverage BCC’s platform to curate your own open or closed side event. While there are still slots to suggest a session - you can design your own workshop, panel, breakfast or lunch meeting and invite participants to join you. To leverage the BCC2019 platform send an email to

This year's side events have been curated by industry leaders such as Maliasili,OceanKind and even the Rwanda Development Board amongst many others you would not want to miss! 


Please note that some side events are by invite only, while others are open to all*
Collaborations in Conservation - One-on-One meetings
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location - KCC 
Doing business in Africa is heavily dependent on relationships, so leverage this time to strengthen your relationships with key players on the continent. Use our state-of-the-art conference app to identify those you’d like to meet with, schedule a time, select a location and expand your network or reconnect with an old colleague. You are in the driving seat. Who knows, a conversation started at this conference could just be the start of a game-changing collaboration that supports nature and creates prosperity for Africa’s people
Maliasili Event - Catalyzing Africa’s Conservation Economy: Making Enterprises work for Communities, Business and Nature
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location: KCC 
This side session at the Business of Conservation Conference 2019 will explore this intersection of conservation, communities, and business. It will share insights from innovative joint venture models that are driving investment in securing land, benefiting local economies and delivering conservation outcomes in East Africa and the wider region. It will explore the types of creative entrepreneurship that are needed to build lasting, equitable partnerships and increase local communities’ access to benefits from their natural assets, including the landscapes under their stewardship. It will identify the core constraints and barriers to both the supply and demand of these kinds of conservation business models, and identify strategies for overcoming those and scaling up the most promising models
Hermosa Life Student Debate Finals 
10:00AM - 11:30AM
Location: MH3 - KCC 
Who's Hermosa?
Hermosa Life Tours and Travel is an accredited youth led social enterprise that provides business and leisure travelers with expert travel advice. They offer a variety of travel services in Rwanda and arrangements to the rest of East Africa. The combination of expertise and luxury delivered by our staff creates truly inspirational experiences, something we like to call the Hermosa Life Tours and Travel dissimilarity. Our business theory is that there is no business model that can survive without earth. Given that every tourism destination relies on a well-functioning society, a healthy environment and a stable economy, we recognize that private sector has a large role to play in ensuring all three of these conditions. That is why we combine full range of tour operating services with 40 percent of activities in Biodiversity Conservation.
What's the debate about?
After the first edition Rwanda Conservation and tourism debate (2018), The team realized that many people, young or old still had little to no knowledge of Rwanda’s conservation policies and programs. This Year's edition; the debate topics range from current wildlife and conservation policies and programs, importance of environmental conservation, what Rwanda and the region has done so far in conservation and what is missing.
How's it relevant to BCC?
There is no sustainable solution more effective than educating the young generation in conservation as future Conservation Leaders in different spheres. The debate has attracted the interest of many young talents keen to join the industryby showing them how important it is to invest in conservation.
RDB Hosted Exhibition: The next generation conservationists
10:00AM - 6:00PM
Location: MH1 & MH2, KCC

The Conference will feature two days of an exhibition showcasing private sector models for conservation in areas such as tourism, forestry and agricultural products hosted by the Rwanda Development Board. The exhibition will also showcase successful community-run projects and poster presentations from young, ‘next generation’ conservation leaders responding to this year's “Environmental Investing” theme. The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday, Sept 7th. Email to secure an exhibition booth

Students Poster Presentations
10:00AM - 6:00PM
Location: MH1 & MH2, KCC
The Student posters presentation will focus on high calibre conservation students across Rwanda showcasing solutions of at least one of the growth factors required to become a Growth Industry
(Re)Telling Africa’s Conservation Story - Movie Night
4:30PM - 7:00PM
Location: AD12, KCC 
To make conservation that ‘growth industry’ which attracts Africa’s best brains and billions of dollars of capital, it must have an exciting brand. Whether we like it or not, one of the most significant forces shaping Africa’s conservation brand is media and entertainment. For example, Disney’s recent release of The Lion King, a photorealistic portrayal of an old classic, will influence the way a whole new generation of African--and global-- youth around the world see Africa’s wildlife. During this session, we will offer viewings of films such as the new Lion King, National Geographic’s documentary Into the Okavango, or The Elephant Queen before engaging in a lively debate about the advantages and disadvantages of how Africa’s story is portrayed in mainstream media today. We will explore how this powerful platform can be leveraged to market Africa’s natural assets, and how Africa can better control its destiny and tell its own stories through media and entertainment